Digital Clocks


Time synchronization has never been easier with the Alexan Digital Clock. Designed locally with the use of microcontroller, the clock moves in sync with the system time of the computer to which it is connected with an ordinary LAN cable. Several digital clocks may be networked inside an infrastructure. 

As an added feature, the product comes with specially designed software. With this, one may:

  • Manually update the time
  • Choose the type of alarm from those embedded in the system — built-in chime or any multimedia files
  • Pre-program a series of period for the alarm to go on and off on a given day

Other customizable features:

  • Date and time format
  • Option for two-liner: one line for date, another line for time
  • Display GMT time zone with country/location name
  • Enable or disable Daylight Savings Time (DST) and British Summer Time (BST)


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Below are some snapshots of our digital clocks:



Asia Pacific College Digital Clock using 7-segment
(Hour-Minute format)

Philips Semiconductor 2-Liner Digital Clock (Date & Time)

4-inch Digital Clock

Fluor Daniels Digital Clock (Close-up View) with Programmable GMT Time Zone Information
(Location, Date and Time)

Fluor Daniels Digital Clock with Programmable GMT Time Zone Information
(Location, Date and Time)