Footlights & Linear Lights


Setting foot on just about anywhere, even the darkest of areas, has ceased to be a regular difficulty. The Alexan Footlights & Linear Lights, so designed to illuminate paths in common public facilities and establishments which business thrive on day and night, renders safety an easy task. 

A great and practical substitute for manual flashlights and other artificial sparks, the Alexan Footlights & Linear Lights are durable and resilient. Made from waterproof materials, they emit the dim-clear light perfect for ushering. They also do not distract but simply guide and remain available for easy use.

Ideal for arcades, cinemas, and other boutiques, Alexan Footlights & Linear Lights are essential to achieve that fun yet classy ambiance. 

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Below are some snapshots of our footlights & linear lights:

Footlights on Stairs

Footlights using Yellow LEDs

Footlights using Blue LEDs

Linear Lights Modules

Linear Lights on Pathways or Walls

Linear Lights on Stairs