Diodes & Rectifiers

A diode is an electronic component which has two terminals and has a high resistance to current in one direction and a low resistance to current in the other direction. It allows current to flow in only one direction. 

On the other hand, a rectifier is an electronic component that converts alternating current into pulsating direct current. 

Below are some of the diodes & rectifiers that we have: 

  • 7-Segment Displays
  • Bridge Rectifiers
  • Fast Recovery Diodes
  • Hot Carrier Diodes
  • LED Dot-Matrix
  • LED Lamps
  • Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)
  • Rectifiers
  • RF Diodes
  • Schottky Rectifiers
  • Signal Diodes
  • Varactors
  • Zener Diodes 
    Wattage: 0.5W (DO-35), 1W (DO-41), 5W (DO-27A)