PCBs & Protoboards

Majority of the electronics circuits are wired into Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). These boards are the integral part of circuit package design, providing an interconnection system and a base for mounting discrete and integrated circuits. These boards are made of plastic laminate or base, over which a thin metal foil (usually copper) is bonded with phenolic or epoxy resin. The metal foil of a PCB can be on one side for single-sided boards or the metal clad on both sides for double-sided boards.

8051 Protoboard using Atmel 2051/4051

Alexan's 8051 Protoboard is a multipurpose prototyping board that allows quick transfer of 8051 circuit ideas from emulation to working prototype.

The board is laid out to accommodate Atmel 89C2051 and 89C4051 microcontroller with the corresponding required oscillator and power supply circuitry. Resistor pads are provided for each of the 15 I/O lines. Included also are RS-232 interface, buzzer, push buttons/tact switches. Definitely a great and easier way to learn 8051 Microcontroller!

Presensitized PCBs

Prototyping has never been easier with Alexan's Presensitized PCBs!

Presensitized positive (+) acting printed boards now available in various sizes. These boards are coated with a highly sensitive photoresist film that allows short exposure time, typically 60 to 90 seconds using UV exposure unit or 6 to 10 minutes using Fluorescent Lamp.

These boards are ideal for prototyping and small production runs. No negatives or darkroom are needed since they can be exposed directly from art transparency. A light protective cover allows them to be cut into specific sizes without exposing other areas of the board. 

The boards are 1.6-mm in thickness and come in various sizes as listed below:

  • Single-sided:
    • PP 4x6
    • PP 6x10
    • PP 12x12
    • PP 12x18
  • Double-sided:
    • GD 4x6
    • GD 6x10
    • GD 12x12
    • GD 12x18

Ordinary PCBs

Alexan offers a cost-friendly alternative to the presensitized PCBs with these ordinary PCBs. These boards come either single-sided or double sided in various sizes as listed below: 

• 4x4
• 4x6
• 4x12
• 6x12
• 12x12

Prototyping Boards

We'll show you a hundred ways to make your circuit work with PB-501, PC-201 and PC-401 Prototyping Boards!

Circuit ideas begin in your brain, but it doesn't end there. You have to test it and optimize its performance. And this requires prototyping boards! Whatever you need, solderless types or perforated boards we have them!


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