Bioloid Premium Kit


  • Excellent walking performances for a humanoid robot (posture settings while walking is available).
  • 4 different shapes in one kit !(Spider, Dinosaur, Puppy and Humanoid).
  • Wireless control abilities (Infrared by default, Zigbee as an option).
  • Different sensors including external accessory ports (Gyroscope, infrared and more).
  • Humanoid transparent skin to create your customizable robot.
  • C programming and moves are manageable with RoboPlus S/W (included).
  • Digital packet communication with daisy chain topology.

CM-510 Microcontroller

  • ATMEGA 256 Processor.
  • 6 GPIO + A/D ports for expansion with third party sensors.
  • 1 Port is available for quick connection of Zigbee and IR sensor. It can also be used for other devices.
  • Embedded Micro and Buzzer.
  • Designed to accept LiPO batteries.
  • Acces to the bus Dynamixel with 5 connectors.

New programming software : Roboplus

  • The Roboplus is the new software for programming the Bioloid Premium. Based on the versions of the Behavior Control and Motion Editor, it has been specially enhanced for the Bioloid Premium.
  • Roboplus Motion : Editor movements.
  • Roboplus Task : Programmer behavior.
  • Roboplus Manager : Manager Dynamixel Servomotors + Debugger.
  • Roboplus Terminal : Serial Terminal to interact with the robot.