Football ("BOTBALL") Robot Kit


Football Robot Kit - Multi Player Capability!

The BOTBALL Robot Football Kit is a remote controlled infrared wireless robot. Its microprocessor technology provides 4 different channels to have up to 4 Football Robots play together in your own arena. There are three motors two for forward, backward, right and left movement and one to "kick" the ball. Football Robot runs smoothly on 2 wheels. 

Learn to control the ball (included), hold it and pass or kick it for a goal! Are you ready to win the championship? 

Save on 2 - Buy our "Pair" and start your Football Robot match today!

  • Ages 10 and Up
  • Clear Illustrated Directions
  • No Soldering Required
  • Tools Required: Long Nose Pliers, Diagonal Cutter, Screwdriver
  • Batteries not included