Mountain Climber Line Tracker Car Kit

Here's one robot kit hobbyists will surely enjoy, the Mountain Climber Line Tracker Car Kit. Designed for kit builders, it comes with printed circuit boards, programmed IC, loudspeaker, electronic and hardware components, including gear motors. The high torque gear motor allows the tracker to climb up to a 35-degree slope.

  • Sound activate
  • Programmed IC
  • Plays songs while running
  • Climb the slopes achieving up to 35° climb using high torgue gear motor
  • Have fun and learn as you design the mechanical parts yourself and use the electronic parts to build your own Line Tracker car
  • Power source required:
    • Electronic parts: DC6V 1.5"AA" x 4 batteries
    • Mechanical parts: DC6V 1.5"AA" x 4 batteries