Robot Arm with USB

The Robotic Arm connects to he Windows personal computer's USB port, and is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

Sofware includes:

  • Basic: By using keyboard or mouse to have rea time manual control of the arm.
  • Programming: Creating and editing a program, save and load just like normal computer files.

It creates a fun way of learning and experimenting your Robotic Arm with computer.




Scarab is a robot that uses two touch sensors to detect obstacles. When its antennas (touch sensor) detect an obstacle, Scarab will first step back and then automatically execute a two-step manoeuvre to avoid the obstacle. The manoeuvre is a combination of "left turn", "right turn", "reverse" or "stop". TheScarab Robot can be configured with different sets of movements. 

The kit comes complete with two sets of differently designed legs, which move in their own distinct way. Its size is approximately 175mm x 145mm x 85mm. Let the fun begin!

Robot Beetle


The infrared remote controlled robot beetle provides four different channels to enable four beetles to play together. It has six wheels that enables it to move forward, backward, left and right smoothly, and two motors that operate the open and close, lift and lower of its claw. Surely, this is an ideal DIY kit to learn about gear structure, motor principles and electronic circuits.

Space Nine

Space Nine, an eight-legged star explorer, uses remote control to move and turn. The Space Nine can walk on the rough surface, turn left, right and even cross rocks. When it moves, its first and third legs on one side of its body move with the second and fourth legs on the other side. Create a moon surface forSpace Nine to explore and enjoy the fun.


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