I-Robo ES1

I-Robo ES1 is the basic Robot Kit for education in order to make children familiar with science, physics, and electricity. This is the basic robot education process for a general understanding of robots. This program involves more than 20 model construction units and sessions, including theory, simple tools, construction of machinery, and the construction of an automatic remote-controlled robot. A robot game method is also provided to increase student's interest in the program.


I-Robo ES3

I-Robo ES3 uses an AVR family ATMEGA 8535 board for a more advanced program. Students will learn various algorithms and participate in the construction of more than 12 types of modes.


I-Robo ES2

An intermediate-level robot education program, I-Robo ES2 uses an AVR family ATMEGA 8535 keyboard. It involves more than 20 model construction units using a diverse range of theoretical studies, servo-motor and various sensor and output devices. An icon-driven robot control program study is also utilized for learning about actual robot movement control.

Ladybug Robot

The Ladybug Robot walks on six legs and uses infrared emitting diodes for "eyes" in order to avoid obstacles. Ladybug walks straight ahead but automatically makes a left turn the moment an obstacle is detected. 

The kit comes complete with two sets of differently designed legs, which move in their own distinct way. Its size is approximately 120mm x 150mm x 85mm (length feelers : 40mm). Let the fun begin!


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