One of the most important types of test equipment used in troubleshooting, an oscilloscope ("scope") is a test equipment that provides a visible graphical display of the waveform being measured. It can be used to measure peak-to-peak voltage, frequency, time periods, wave slopes, phase angles and frequency response. Most oscilloscopes have dual-trace capabilities and storage feature. 

Alexan oscilloscopes offer a wide selection of analog and digital storage, bandwidth, and additional features such as Component Tester, advanced triggering and Fast Fourier Transform (FTT) math function.

AS-9307 Alexan Single Trace Oscilloscope

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This model is a single trace multipurpose oscilloscope designed to operate in the frequency range from DC to 5MHz with 3 inch (75mm) CRT screen and high vertical sensitivity of 10mV/div. It is particularly suitable for production lines, laboratories or repairshops to observe the waveform of electronic signals. The AS-9307 provides advanced features such as high vertical input impedance, 1MW direct cascade amplifiers, and internal/external synchronizing circuit.

AS-9640 Alexan Dual Trace 40MHz Oscilloscope

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The AS-9640 oscilloscope has dual channels with frequency bandwidth DC to 40MHz at -3dB or 40MHz at - 6dB, maximum sweep time 10ns/DIV, and maximum sensitivity 1mV/DIV. Waveforms are accurately presented on the oscilloscope's 150mm rectangular CRT screen with internal graticule. This oscilloscope features delay sweep, two sweep mix, CHB output, Z-modulation, and dual time base.
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