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ZiLOG Multipurpose TM-5 Module (Assembled Kit Version)

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Using microcontrollers to create your own personal circuits is truly a rewarding activity. However, it is sometimes inconvenient to start from scratch and work with breadboards or so called solderless boards. This featured TM-5 module is a multiprpose cicuit originally intended as an educational module for learning the fundamentals of microcontrollers.

This TM-5 circuit can accommodate Z86-based 7-segment display applications such as counters, timers, scoreboards, games and even measurement or code indicators. The pre-programmed Z86 included here can provide extended functions by adding the appropriate external circuits.

Sample applications included:

  • Count up/down function which allows it to be used as a mini scoreboard
  • Count up/down counter for counting the number of objects or persons passing in and out of a gate or port
  • 4-digit numbers game which generates a random 4-digit number
  • Seconds countdown timer useful for setting exposure timer for photographs and PCBs, baking or cooking and the likes



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