Alexan AS 9640 Dual Trace 40MHz Oscilloscope 5 Inches

AS-9640 Dual Trace 40-MHz Oscilloscope

The AS-9640 oscilloscope has dual channels with frequency bandwidth DC to 40 MHz at -3dB or 40 MHz at -6dB, maximum sweep time 10 ns/DIV, and maximum sensitivity 1 mV/DIV. Waveforms are accurately presented on the oscilloscope’s 150 mm rectangular CRT screen with internal graticule. This oscilloscope features delay sweep, two sweep mix, CHB output, Z- modulation, dual time base, and a built-in component tester.

Cathode Ray Tube: 6” diagonal, rectangular screen with internal graticule 8K 10DIV
(1DIV = 1 cm.), B31, phosphor, 2-kV accel. voltage.

Vertical Deflection:
Bandwidth: DC to 40MHz (-3db).
Sensitivity: 1mV/DIV-1V/DIV (10MHz, -3db), x 5 -selected. 5mV.DIV-5V/DIV
Attenuator: 1-2-5 sequence, 10steps with variable control
Input Impedance: 1MΩ ±2% 25pF ±10%
Max. Input Voltage: 400V (DC + AC peak)
Rise Time: About 8.8ns
Overshoot: Less than 5%
Operating Modes: CH1, CH2, DUAL (ALT, CHOP)
Algebraic Addition: CH1, CH2, CH1-CH2
Inverter: CH2 only

Horizontal Deflection:
X-Y Mode switch selectable using X-Y switch; CH1:X axis; CH2: Y axis
Accuracy: Y-Axis ±3%; X-Axis ±6%
Bandwidth: DC to Mhz (-3db)

Sweep System:
Sweep Display Mode: Main, Mix
Hold off Time: 5:1 continuously variable

Main Sweep:
Sweep Speed: 0.1us/DIX – 2.0 s/DIV in 1-2-5 sequence, 23 steps.
Accuracy: ±3%

Variable Time
Control: 5:1, uncelebrated, continuously variable between steps.

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Alexan AS 9640 Dual Trace 40MHz Oscilloscope 5 Inches

This model is a single trace multipurpose oscilloscope designed to operate in the frequency range from D.C. to 5 MHz with 3 inch (75mm.) CRT screen and high vertical sensitivity (10mV/div). It is particularly suitable for production lines, laboratories or repairshops to observe the waveform of electronic signals. The AS-9307 provides advanced features such as high vertical input impedance, (1MΩ) direct cascade amplifiers, and internal/external synchronizing circuit.

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 415 × 320 × 130 mm