Projects And Circuits Volume 2

Projects And Circuits Volume 2

Projects & Circuits is a compilation of selected construction projects appearing in Electronic Enthusiasts issues. Since copies of old issues of Electronic Enthusiasts have already run out, we decided to come out with Projects & Circuits.

Most of these projects are presented in how-to-do format with detailed circuit operation, construction procedure, and necessary illustrations. The approach is synonymous with an assembly manual. Steps have been taken to simplify construction work and avoid possible confusion.

Shattering Myths in Audio Servicing
Solder Types of Special Solder
Troubleshooting E.E.?s 100W Power Amp
Electric Shock Facts
How to Succeed in Kit Making

Running Lights
Extension Telephone Switcher
Speaker Protector Device
10W Stereo Amp
Logic Pulser
16-Melody Proximity Chime
Over Drive FX
1.25 to 25-Volt Regulated Power Supply
Automatic Car Battery Charger
Moving Chain of Lights
Super Siren & Public Address System for Car
Lie Detector 1
Digital Voice Message Recorder II
The Incredible Power Amplifier (100W RMS Power Output/Channel)
Power Saver
Low-Cost Wireless Audio FM Transmitter
16-Melody Door Chime
Variable/Adjustable Switching Power Supply
Mosquito Pester
2-Way Intercom System
Stereo Synthesizer
Nicad Battery Charger
Car Thief Staller

Primer on Keyboard
How to Design Alarm Circuits
Risk Your Life by Neglecting These Safety Standards
Proper Handling of CMOS Devices
Electronic Graphical Symbols

Dimensions 135 × 75 × 50 mm