Rigol DP832 Triple Output 195 Watt Benchtop Power Supply

Rigol DP832 Programmable Linear DC Power Supply Triple Channel 30V/3A|| 30V / 3A || 5V/3A

– Power Supply with 2 0-30V/3A channels, 1 5V/3A channel, and 10 mV/10 mA measurement resolution

– The Rigol DP832 features a very well constructed and easy to use interface, which also offers comprehensive ease-of-use functions, such as programmable voltage curves. The menu has an intuitive structure.
– The Rigol DP832 features a relative large (8.9 cm / 3.5″) and easy to read TFT monochrome display. In addition to the normal digital displays for voltage, current, and power, these values can also be displayed as signal curves.
– A timer control can be used to set the output signal to different values in up to 2048 steps.

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 418 × 239 × 157 mm