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Electronic Enthusiasts (ISSN 0117-7214) is published by Electronic Hobbyists Publishing House. Components recommended or listed in the Parts List of Construction Projects are locally available during the time of publication.

Below are the issues that we currently have. We have provided some of the featured articles and construction projects so that you may have an idea of its contents.


Available Electronic Enthusiasts Issues

All reasonable precautions are considered in the preparation of the circuits and diagrams to ensure the reliability of the magazine. However, we cannot accept legal responsibility for it. Technical errors that escaped detection during publication and discovered later are immediately corrected and printed in the ERRATA section of the forthcoming issue and subsequent reprints.


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 59


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 4
Includes: Books Updates, Product Updates, and Product News

  • Today a Cub, Tomorrow a Tiger: Leading Advanced Microelectronics and Information Technology Research and Development
  • Spread Spectrum Improves Spectrum Utilization
  • MPX Pressure Sensors and Their Applications
  • A Closer Look at Piezoelectric Transducers
  • Circuit Fair 26
  • Reviewing Audio Rectification Problems
  • MTBF Confusing?
  • Optical Links for Audio Devices
  • AM/FM Clock Radio
  • MCU-Based Power-on Delay
  • 3 in 1 Hobbyist's Delight: Presettable Up and Down Counter, A Frequency Counter, and A Digital Clock Module
  • 3-Phase Motor Protecting Switch with Phase Indicators
  • Electronic Metronome
  • Audio Signal Preamp/Limiter
  • Switching Power Amp Module


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 61


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 5
Includes: Books Updates, Product Updates, and Product News

  • Flash Memories:Finding New Applications
  • DSP Processors Define New Hi-Fi Standards
  • TVs Diode Offers Protection Against ESDs
  • Peculiar Acoustic Facts:Stranger than Fiction
  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Probing Oscilloscope Probes
  • To kill a Potentiometer
  • Circuit Fair
  • Introduction to Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
  • Using Electromagnetic Relays Safely
  • Tuning Diodes Design Techniques
  • Practical MIDI Interconnection
  • Configuring and Applying the MC54/74HC4046A Phase Lock Loop
  • International TV Standards Reference Data
  • Pin Configuration of CMOS Logic ICs
  • "Sensorless" Car Alarm System
  • Digital Logic Probe II
  • Tube Overdrive FX
  • Build YOur Own Personal AM Pocket Radio
  • Home FM Stereo Broadcaster


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 63


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 5
Includes: Product Updates and Product News

  • DVDs Push Optical Systems to New Frontiers
  • Chipping at Whip Antennas
  • Thinking About EMC?
  • Zilog Microcontroller Fast Design Workshop Presents the Z8 Advantage
  • Circuit Fair
  • Op Amp Reference 101
  • Selecting A Linear Voltage Regulator
  • Design Considerations for a New Generation of Low On-Resistance Power MOSFETs
  • Fussy Over Fuses? Understanding Fuse Selection
  • Give Me Your Shield
  • Using Software Design Techniques to Maximize Z8 System Noise Immunity
  • New PCBs for the Touch Sensitive Alarm 63 & Bark Horn 63
  • Universal DC Controlled Audio Preamp
  • Single-Chip 25-Watt Stereo Amp
  • WM Mate FM Wireless Microphone
  • 3-Wire Remote Switch Controller Using the Z86
  • Ultra Sensitive Mini Amplifier
  • Test, Measurement & Troubleshooting
  • Working with Surface Mount Chips Using Standary Soldering Tools
  • SMPS: Basic Theory and Troubleshooting
  • Kinky Tips for the Troubleshooter


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 60


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 5
Includes: Books Updates, Product Updates, and Product News

  • ISO 9000: A New International Quality System Standard?
  • Internet: Towards a New Era in Information Interchange
  • Surround Sound Systems and THX Deliver Better Home Video Systems
  • Nickel-Cadmium Health Risks
  • Soldering is an Art
  • PowerPC Microcontrollers Offer RISC Performance to Embedded Control Designers
  • Primer on Digital Displacement Encoders
  • Mutimeter Facts
  • Troubleshooting MCU-Based Circuits
  • Explanation of Maximum Ratings for Thyristors
  • Circuit Fair 60
  • EE Index Issue 1 to 59
  • Improvements and Modifications for EE Projects (Issues 40 to 59)
  • Design Considerations for CMOS ICs
  • Using the EM80 as a Replacement for the EM60 Microphone
  • AM/FM Pocket Radio
  • PS2525D: Digital Control Power Supply
  • Digital Delay FX
  • Simple 4-Input Stereo Mixer
  • Refmate


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 62


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 6
Includes: Product Updates and Product News

  • Loudspeaker Cables: Do they Affect Your Sound?
  • A Quick Look Back at Microprocessors
  • PLDs Offer Semi-Custom Design Alternatives for the Logic Designer
  • System Design & Layout Techniques for Noise Reduction in MCU-Based Systems
  • SMT: Cost Effective Option for Automation
  • Stepper Motor Basics
  • When is an Analog Meter Better than Digital?
  • Experimenting with the PC's Game Adapter Port
  • Exploring Digital Logic ICs: Seven-Segment Display Drivers and Decoders
  • Circuit Fair
  • Understanding Pressure and Pressure Measurement
  • Pin Configuration of Common 74XXX Logic ICs
  • A Simpler Look at RF Data:Small-Signal Transistors
  • Antenna Formulas for Hobbyists
  • Rat Repeller
  • Live Wire Tester
  • PA Annunciator with Microphone Input
  • Super Guitar Headphone Amplifier
  • Sound Field Generator Module
  • Dog Bark Sound Projects
  • Test, Measurement and Troubleshooting
  • Quick Testing Thyristors
  • Troubleshooting Faulty Projects


Electronic Enthusiasts Issue No. 64


ISSN: 0117-7214
No. of Construction Projects: 5
Includes: Product Updates and Product News

  • A Survey of Surround Sound Systems:Dolby Surround and SRS
  • DSP Drives New Products to Peak Performance
  • Low-Cost and Performance Benefits from Low-Level Integration
  • ISO 9000 Quality Standards in 24 Questions
  • Thyristor Miscellaneous Design Tips & Facts
  • Choosing the Appropriate Nonvolative Memory
  • Thyristors Used as AC Statice Switches and Relays
  • Selecting Antennas in Wireless Systems
  • Circuit Fair
  • Pin Configuration of Common Transistors
  • Precautions for Using LEDs
  • An Overview of Optoisolator ICs
  • Transistor Circuit Reference
  • Music Sound Systems:A Review
  • Electronic Oscilloscope Caliper
  • Electronic Numbers Game
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Guitar Track Jam Box
  • Multipurpose Audio Mixer
  • Getting to Know Thermistors
  • What's This IC Bus?
  • Test, Measurement and Troubleshooting
  • Keeping One Eye on Your CDs
  • Grounding Products Require Proper Use to be Effective
  • Testing For ESD Immunity


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