Electronic Enthusiasts Issue 60

Electronic Enthusiasts Issue 60
ISO 9000: A New International Quality System Standard?
Internet: Towards a New Era in Information Interchange
Surround Sound Systems and THX Deliver Better Home Video Systems
Nickel-Cadmium Health Risks
Soldering is an Art
Power PC Microcontrollers Offer RISC Performance to Embedded Control Designers
Primer on Digital Displacement Encoders
Mutimeter Facts
Troubleshooting MCU-Based Circuits
Explanation of Maximum Ratings for Thyristors
Circuit Fair 60
EE Index Issue 1 to 59
Improvements and Modifications for EE Projects (Issues 40 to 59)
Design Considerations for CMOS ICs
Using the EM80 as a Replacement for the EM60 Microphone
AM/FM Pocket Radio
PS2525D: Digital Control Power Supply
Digital Delay FX
Simple 4-Input Stereo Mixer