Learning Digital Electronics Thru Experiments Book

This accompanying experiments manual for the Fundamentals of Digital Electronics provides a hands-on guide to learning the topics presented in the textbook. The experiments uses Alexan’s Digital Trainer but may also be performed using discrete components and tools. The experiments are arranged in basically the same order as the textbook to allow corresponding hands-on learning.
Learning Digital Electronics thru Experiments is intended as a laboratory manual for the book Fundamentals of Digital Electronics. The manual begins with a description of Alexan’s Digital Experiment Board and the different built-in circuit modules. Each experiment begins with a short discussion on the topics to be covered in the section. This is followed by the pin description and pin configuration of the logic ICs used. One possible way of interconnecting the experiment circuit is illustrated for experiments 1 to 20.

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Learning Digital Electronics Thru Experiments Book

ISBN 971 925540 4

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