Learning Microcontrollers thru Experiments (A step-by-Step Approach to Z8 Design) Book

Designed as a quick start guide for using microcontrollers, this manual provides practical lessons through dozens of programming examples. The lessons begin with simple applications that illustrate basic operations of the MCU through simple routines and gradually move on to more complex applications. Every major section ends with practical exercises based on the subjects covered. Topics include making your own LED running lights, connecting switches, relays, seven-segment displays and stepper motors, using interrupts, internal timers, and lookup tables, A/D conversion, multiplexing an LED matrix, and many more.

Each lesson is presented with detailed information on the target modules including schematic diagrams and instructions on the proper connection to the Z86 emulator. The appendix section provides relevant information needed for programming the Z86E04 MCU as well as practical tips on the proper use of the Z86CCP00ZEM emulator.

Dimensions 90 × 38 × 30 mm