Projects And Circuits Volume 1

Projects And Circuits Volume 1


Why Make Electronic Projects
How to Read Electronic Circuit Diagrams
Components Symbols and Actual Components
Carbon Composition Resistor and Capacitor Coding
Tools Needed in Electronic Kit Making
Materials and Equipment Essential in Electronic Kit Making
Making Your Own Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
How to Solder Properly and Avoid Problems
When You Project Failed to Work
Troubleshooting Your Project and How to Test Basic Electronic Components

0 to 25-Volt 1 Ampere Regulated Power Supply
2-Tone Doorbell
6-Watt Power Amplifier
15-Watt Integrated Bridged Power Amplifier
80-Watt RMS Stereo Power Amplifier
Alexan Multitester AC360P
Compact Metal Detector
Computerized Door Tune
DC Motor Speed Controller
Electronic Lamp Dimmer
Four Input Mixer
In-Circuit Transistor Tester
Morse Code Practice Oscillator
LED VU Meter
Power On Delay and Low Voltage Protector for Appliances
Sensor-Based Sentry
Universal Hi-Fi Preamp Control
Voice Operated Switch
Wireless Microphone: Mini Mike
Wireless Microphone: WM Model

Quality plastic enclosure for your hobbyists’ projects

Dimensions 135 × 75 × 50 mm