Pinoy Road Runner Digital Taximeter with Thermal Printer

PINOY Road Runner taximeter has been designed as a versatile taximeter to meet requirements of both government and the taxi industry users, while adopting its operations to the Philippine market. By using the latest electronic components and software design techniques, it is a simple yet reliable taximeter with trouble-free maintenance. The built in real-time clock circuitry will provide timing accuracy while the non-volatile memory technology will retain stored data over a 10-year period even without connecting to an external power source.

Transaction data stored inside the taximeter can easily be downloaded to a PC computer using prescribed data transfer cable and data transfer software for safekeeping. The software can show summarized listing of daily, monthly, yearly and total information. A built-in printer controlled by the embedded software of the microcontroller can easily print the official receipt as well as the daily, monthly, yearly transaction details and total summary by pressing buttons on the taximeter front panel. Additional features such as shifting summary, car battery voltage measurements and pulse counter are also included to make the taximeter more useful to the user. Anti-tampering measures are provided to prevent the riding public from being victimized by unscrupulous drivers.
-Durable large LCD display with easy-to-read figures.
-Advanced MCU-based design provides safeguards on safety and EMI interference.
-Makes use of low cost thermal printer paper rolls.
-Issues official receipt with serialized six digit numbering function.
-Data accessible with computer and protected with security codes.
-Capable of on-unit print of individual transactions; daily, monthly, yearly and overall total transactions.
-Provides car battery charge condition by showing instantaneous car battery voltage reading.
-Functions as a pulse counter for determining the constant or rpm value.
-Built – in anti – tampering – capability.
-Wide operating voltage range from 8V to 20VDC.

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 180 × 76 × 36 mm