Projects And Circuits Volume 5

Projects And Circuits Volume 5

This is the fifth volume of Projects and Circuits which emphasizes the practical side of electronics as opposed to theory alone. This volume offers a more simple approach to electronics not offered by many school textbooks.

Similar to previous volumes, Projects & Circuits volume five is deviced to two parts, a reference section and a compilation of selected construction projects appearing in Electronic Enthusiasts issues. Since copies of old issues of Electronic Enthusiasts have already run out, we decided to come out with Projects & Circuits.

Most of these projects are presented in how-to-do format with detailed circuit operation, construction procedure, and necessary illustrations. The approach is synonymous with an assembly manual. Steps have been taken to simplify construction work and avoid possible confusion.

Radio Communications Fundamentals: AM/FM Systems
Understanding Digital Logic Integrated Circuits
A Primer on Batteries and Cells
Simplified Design of Op Amp Filters
Substituting Components in Electronic Circuits
Practical Setups of Home Audio, VCR, and TV Systems
Using Electronic Test Instruments Effectively

TENS Pain Reliever
12-Song Christmas Melody
Electronic Solid-State Relay
5-Band Stereo Equalizer
16-Melody Proximity Chime
VU Meter II
Electronic Thermostat
Voice Changer Microphone
Car Stereo Booster
Police Siren
2-Tone Melody Doorchime II
Multifunction Lamp Controller
Fire Alarm
Ultrasonic RC Switch
Electronic Drum Set
Multi-Voltage Switching Power Supply
Touch-Controlled Lamp Dimmer
Touch Door Knob Alarm
Sleep Mate AM/FM Clock Radio
Digital Delay FX
Using the EM-80 Mic
Digital Echo Karaoke Box
3-Way Active Crossover Network

Dimensions 159.8 × 91.5 × 52.6 mm